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Dodital Camp-accomodationDodital, in Uttaranchal is famous for its crystal-clear lake, that mainly attracts tourists who enjoy trout fishing. It is also a paradise for those, who are really into trekking. Adventure Tours of India offers adventure tour packages to the beautiful Dodital, which stands at a height of 3,024 meters. Spend your next holiday enjoying, fishing, trekking, boating and bird watching at Dodital, which lies in the Uttarkashi district.


Dodital-Tourist Places in and around Dodital

Besides of course the Dodi lake, you can visit the Mahadev-ka-Vishal Trishul (Shiva's Great Trident). It is made of eight major metals and is truly remarkable for it stands 26 ft high.

Opposite from The Shiva's Trident is the Vishwanath Temple, which can also be visited.

One can also travel to Barahat., which is close to Uttarkashi.


Dodital-Things to do

For people who enjoy angling and fishing, Dodital is the place to be. The Dodital Lake is famous for trout and Mahaseer fishing. Actually "dodi" means trout in the local dialect, which explains the name of the lake, which is 'Dodital'. Since Dodi Lake happens to be a freshwater lake, it is just right for trout. One can easily spot

Himalayan golden Trout as it moves in the crystal clear lake. The lake is ideal for trout fishing, through out the year, regardless of the season.

Mahaseer fishing is also a favorite among people. Besides this lake, they can be found in the Ramganga and Sharda rivers in Uttaranchal.

Tourists can also enjoy trekking in Dodital. One can trek through terraced fields and beautiful woods to lake Dodital. One can also start from Uttarkashi or Kalyani and head to Dodital. For those who want a more adventurous trek route, they can trek to Hanuman Chatti and move on further to Yamunotri from Dodital.

Tourists can also enjoy boating at the lake or spend relaxing days enjoying bird watching.


Dodital-Getting There & Accommodation

Dodital- Fishing There is a well-maintained road from Uttarkashi to Dodital. It takes about 5 to 6 hours to reach Uttarkashi from Rishikesh, via Narendranagar.

One can also take a bus or hire a cab from Rishikesh to Dodital.

The closest railhead is Rishikesh (180 kms) and the closest International airport is at Delhi.

Accommodation is no problem in Dodital. The forest rest house is good enough for a stay. The guesthouse at Dodital is quite close to the Dodi lake. Many visitors even prefer staying in tents. Log cabins are another option for tourists in Dodital.


Dodital-Things to keep in mind

One has to get a permit in order to fish at the Dodi lake. It can be obtained from Uttarkashi.

One must keep enough warm clothes and heavy woolens in their bags if they are coming to Dodital.

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